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Santa Claus needs help from all children near and far!

This year Santa Claus asks the children to fulfill a very important mission: turn a gift from your letter into food for another child who, with his family, is having a hard time financially. Santa Claus will send the food to them and, together, they will help these families have a little happier Christmas.

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  1. Step 1

    Write your letter

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    Choose the present you wish to give away to another child that needs it more than you do

  3. Step 3

    Fill out your data and how you wish to collaborate

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With your donation, a person will have basic food for nine days

Description Volume
Pasta 1 Kg
White Sugar 1 kg
Fried Tomatoe Sauce 3x400g
Precooked Meat 500g
Canned Fish 3 cans
Vegetables 1 Kg
Whole Milk 3 L
Baby Food 1.5 Kg
Eggs 12
Rice 1 Kg
Oil 1 L
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With your donation, a person will have basic food for eighteen days

Description Volume
Harina 1 Kg
Pasta 3 Kg
White Sugar 1 kg
Fried Tomatoe Sauce 4x400g
Precooked Meat 2x500g
Canned Fish 6 cans
Vegetables 2 Kg
Whole Milk 6 L
Baby Food 2.5 Kg
Eggs 24
Rice 2 Kg
Oil 2 L
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With your donation, a person will have basic food for thirty days

Description Volume
Flour 2 Kg
Pasta 3 Kg
White Sugar 2 kg
Fried Tomatoe Sauce 4x400g
Precooked Meat 4x500g
Canned Fish 9 cans
Vegetables 3 Kg
Whole Milk 10 L
Baby Food 2 Kg
Eggs 24
Rice 3 Kg
Oil 10 L
Cookies 2x800g
Cocoa 2x400g

Choose your preferred organization to bring your gift to a child who needs it

· EDUCO dining scholar ships guarantee a complete and healthy meal a day in the school cafeteria for children at risk of poverty and social exclusion in Spain.

· At the FOOD BANK we fight against hunger and waste, providing food to the most disadvantaged people, helping them to have a little easier life.

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Help Santa Claus to make this possible.

Payment method accepted: VISA-MASTERCARD

*For the purposes of provisions included in European Regulation 2016/679 on the Protection of Personal Data (RGPD), the Association YOUNG&SOLIDARY guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data it stores, and it also informs that the data collected is included in a database managed by the Association, for the management of the solidary project agreed upon and the possible communication of promotional campaigns. However, the processing of your financial contribution will be made directly by the NGO selected.

We hereby inform you that, due to the legal nature of your contribution, made on a voluntary and non-periodic basis and linked to a specific campaign, once the payment has been processed it may not be cancelled, nor will you have the right to a refund or any other alternative benefit.

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